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Time Cube: A Gene Ray Interview

Things I've learned
By matt, Section Satanosphere
Posted on Sat Jul 28th, 2001 at 03:34:12 PM PDT
Every few years, a man is born whose job is to change the way we think about our world. Either through Science, Philosophy, or Religion, these men go down through the annals of History as Zealots, then Rebels, and finally Geniuses.

I recently may have had the pleasure to chat with one of these men.

Gene Ray is the self-proclaimed "Wisest Man who Ever Lived." Maybe he's right. You see, Ray is the founder of the school of Time Cube. The teachings of Time Cube attest that (in a nutshell) for every day we observe, we actually live four days. We're not aware of it because we've been educated "stupid and evil" by our "educational institutions."

For years Ray has been trying to convince the schools and colleges in America to host a Time Cube Debate, where he (and, I'm assuming, his followers) wish to confront the most important minds in the world with their undeniable evidence. So far, he's had no takers.

So, behold, Spheretizens, the interview with Gene Ray, the Greatest Thinker who Ever Lived!

Our interview took place via internet chat. We figured that this would be the best way to make sure we got Ray's message, word for word.

At first, I asked Ray if he'd like to do the interview via an instant messenger, but he declined, saying that "I have little time for toys like that," and that "[He] finds chat rooms full of non-believers." Finally, I convinced him to meet me in a private chat that no one (still) knows about. Here is the interview, edited only for flow.

Satanosphere: Thanks, Gene, for this opportunity. Our readers are anxious to see a glimpse of the Man behind the Cube. You're an internet legend, and we feel honored that you'd take the time to sit with us.

(Gene Ray) WisestOne: Thanks, Matt. I saw your website. It's a little different than what I thought it would be. But the people on it seem to be open New Thinkers.

Satanosphere: Well, let's start with who Gene Ray, the Greatest Thinker is personally? Where and when were you born?

(Gene Ray) WisestOne: I was born 7-2-27 in Manchester, GA.

Satanosphere: Oh, Happy Birthday! Do you have any family?

(Gene Ray) WisestOne: I have 2 daughters, a grandson, granddaughter and 2 greatgrand children in the Atlanta area.

(Gene Ray)WisestOne: My wife of 30 years passed away in June last year.

Satanosphere: I'm sorry to hear that, Gene.

Satanosphere: How did you get started with Timecube, and are you the first to study it?

(Gene Ray)WisestOne: It just accumulated over the experience of my lifetime = mostely since the last 20 years.

Satanosphere: when did you put it all together into the Timecube theory for the first time? And is your family supportive of the theory?

(Gene Ray)WisestOne: As far as I know, no other human has ever acknowledged the Time Cube. All the scientist have taught like a 1 corner creation principle as in singularity.

(Gene Ray)WisestOne: My family members do not want to know what I know.

Satanosphere: Ok, our first reader question, from Captain Tenille: What evil educated academic institutes have denied a debate on Time Cube? Have you tried debating it at Evergreen (State)?

(Gene Ray)WisestOne: Georgia Tech, Drake, and many of the large universities.

(Gene Ray)WisestOne: Cornell University and Brown University. Many students write to tell me that they were just elected as the present of the student body and will debate the Time Cube, but none have

Satanosphere: And from Well Fei Hung: What advice would you give to young cubists?

(Gene Ray)WisestOne: For Well Fei Hung - Study the Time Cube principle and you maybe able to understand anything in the Universe.

Satanosphere: How many followers do you have, Gene? There are alot of signatures on the peition.

(Gene Ray)WisestOne: I have no list of followers, but many people around the world are starting up groups.

(Gene Ray)WisestOne: Which petition do you speak of, I do believe there are several


Satanosphere: Have you thought about hiring a professional web designer to better get the Timecube message across?

(Gene Ray)WisestOne: No I will not chage the web. There is no problem with the web - except erroneous academia blocks the brainwashed and indoctrinated from comprehending it. A book is coming.

(Gene Ray)WisestOne: Actually, the Time Cube web site was not intended to educate people, but to attract a research group.

Satanosphere: Tell me a little about the book.

(Gene Ray)WisestOne: Have you read 1984George Orwell? the Time Cube book will be kind of a sequel to 1984, but with Academia as the evil Ministry of Word.

Satanosphere: Wow, that actually sounds pretty good. 1984 is, of course, a classic. I can't wait to read what you do with the theme!

Satanosphere: From TLC: The dimensional sequence of rotational axis is definately connected with life, gravity and asymmetry. How does this relate to the geometry of the carbon atom?

(Gene Ray)WisestOne: Academia teaches like a 1-corner creation and life principle, whereas the TimeCube principle has a 4x4 rotation life principle.

Satanosphere: This next questions I'm not real sure about. It's from Electric Angst over at K5. While you recognize the four, the five and six of eternal time are left unrecognized. How can timecube be if timecube is not six, and the beginning and ending eternal harmony are not considered? In fact, you curse word and god, but cannot the one and six (in between which is your four) be seen as the beginning (God) and the ending (word)? We have debated this point in my academic institution, in the far more advanced levels that the average person is ever allowed to see, and out understanding has gone beyond the four. Why hasn't yours?

(Gene Ray)WisestOne: Until academia acknowledges the 4x4 rotation Cubic principle, they will teach only stupidity.

Satanosphere: Dead Air would like to know: If Timecube is really above academic comprehension, what good are petitions and such that merely attempt to place it in an academic forum where it can be comprehended?

(Gene Ray)WisestOne: Many states have laws making it against the law to teach anything that contradicts the bible. My goal is to force the midia to inform he public about the Time Cube discovery.

Satanosphere: Rambler would like to know: What's with the Jewish theory on your website? I'm unclear on it.

(Gene Ray)WisestOne: The Jewish God concept is totally erroneous. The Jews ascended from a sect, never as a nation. Jews are still nothing more than a sect. No Jew has ever had a God power.

Satanosphere: So your Jew argument. It's not an ethnic point, but a cultural point?

(Gene Ray)WisestOne: Everything created within the universe has a front, back and 2 sides in between a top and bottom.

(Gene Ray)WisestOne: Check your Cube like bedroom. It has 4 corners and 4 walls between top and bottom. Time is not vertical, as it rotates 4 corners.

(Gene Ray)WisestOne: The human form has a front, back and 2 sides in between a top of the head and bottom of the feet - Cube like.

Satanosphere: it is very cube like, you're right!

(Gene Ray)WisestOne: All of humanity exists between the majors of black and white and minors of asian and indian. Jews would fit into 1 of the 4 race corners.

Satanosphere: Of course, it makes sense now. There's no room in the cube for the Jews.

Satanosphere: Might that be why THEY wrote the Bible? Where Words and God come together?

(Gene Ray)WisestOne: All word is a counterfeit and fictitious representation of natural values. The bible word is but a scam and if you burn it, god will be incinerated for he exists nowhere else.

Satanosphere: I would agree with that.

Satanosphere: Well, Gene, it's almost time I must leave. But first, what about dr. Alain Picul, phd? Who is he and why does he think his Timecube theory is superior?

(Gene Ray)WisestOne: Place a baby in a bare room in the hands of a god and it will die of loniness and starvation.

Satanophere: Right, let's talk about Dr. Picul...

(Gene Ray)WisestOne: Is he the same Alian Pical who gives no e-mail address?

Satanosphere: Yah, he is.

Satanosphere: We found his site while doing Timecube research. Have you ever met him?

(Gene Ray)WisestOne: No one will meet Alain Picul, he is an evil fraud.

Satanosphere: What do you know about him?

(Gene Ray)WisestOne: No one knows anything about the stupid ass.

(Gene Ray)WisestOne: Have you seen the web latest Time Cubesite change?

Satanosphere: Yah, I showed [Captain Tenille] today. I like the new look.

Satanosphere: Well, that's about all we've got for you Gene. Thanks alot for the interview.

Satanosphere: Make sure to let me know when the book comes out.

(Gene Ray)WisestOne: Thanks Matt, I enjoyed the chat, lets do it again sometime.

I must say, when first we saw Gene Ray's Time Cube page, we laughed. We thought he was a total loon. But I must say, though I don't full-on follow the school of Cubism, he is a guy who knows what he's doing. He's got his head on straight, it's just pointed a different direction.

Gene was an absolute pleasure to interview, and we'll probably do it again some day. So, if any of you have any other questions you might like Gene to answer in the future, feel free to comment below.

Hope you've all enjoyed our little adventure into Cubism. I know I did!

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Time Cube: A Gene Ray Interview | 8 comments (8 topical, 0 editorial, 0 hidden)
C'mon... (none / 0) (#1)
by matt (matt [at] satanosphere dotcom) on Mon Jul 30th, 2001 at 08:10:25 PM PDT
(User Info)

No comments? This is the first one? I really want to know what you guys thought.


Who has the "Oblique Diary Crown" right now? Rat? Well hand it over, buddy. -Zombified

4X4 Rotation (none / 0) (#2)
by TLC ( on Tue Jul 31st, 2001 at 09:52:24 AM PDT
(User Info)


I've checked out the Picul thing, very Piculiar if you ask me. It is possible that Dr. Gene Ray represents a collective socialist intelligence. Otherwise the unknown party wouldn't be trying to dissonate with his rant. (Dis-information that is called.) Post-Psychological-Warfare-Analysis this is called.

This is far more serious than it seems!

I think the word virus is "zebra extremism".

The bedrock of hyppocritical contradictions.

The foundation of the kingdom itself. The publicist. The scribe. Propaganda machines.

A self-propagating engine rooted in the written word, as a stale un-evolving language.

But don't you get it? Its about how the lower class suffers five times as bad so the upper 2% can have enough money to live an egocentric confused lifestyle.

I'd better stop writing before I nullify this web site. I could be censored...

A dry bones guy like me would never have posted here if I hadn't personally known the host of this interview.

*Include bomb here*

You're nuts. (none / 0) (#3)
by Well Fei Hung on Tue Jul 31st, 2001 at 09:32:31 PM PDT
(User Info)

Seriously, you're a kook. Why don't you go hang out with Starwing and look at military clouds.

Once upon a Time in China...
[ Parent ]

Nice. (none / 0) (#4)
by matt (matt [at] satanosphere dotcom) on Tue Jul 31st, 2001 at 10:51:42 PM PDT
(User Info)

Nice pun with the Doc's name, TLC. But, um, Gene's not a doctor, and he's not part of a cosmic energy field per se, he's an old guy from Florida. Just a clarification.


Who has the "Oblique Diary Crown" right now? Rat? Well hand it over, buddy. -Zombified
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TimeCube bothers me. (none / 0) (#5)
by EntropicOrder on Mon Jul 1st, 2002 at 08:42:02 AM PDT
(User Info)

I have just recently stumbled upon TimeCube and I am very saddened by this whole idea and the reaction of people to it.

It needs to be known that Mr. Ray's teachings are that of redundancy, influencing and coercion (the very same which he professes the "evil institution" uses), and scientific jargon which supposedly makes up "incontrovertible proof."  These are the tools of brainwashing, which I see happening here, and very much offends me as an open-minded individual.

Mr. Ray is a leader who claims to be enlightened and who uses persuasive tricks.  There are people who are less than confident in themselves or their ideas in one way or another.  These people may also not be as knowledgeable in spotting brainwashing techniques, and are most vulnerable to it.  These people may also feel a lack of belonging, and find groups such as this one comforting when their families and friends do not provide such comfort.

A lot of the statements made to supposedly support TimeCube (from are scientific, yet do not support the actual theory. Also, the theory itself is based on ideas of the man made convention of time, and not the scientific concept of the passage of time!

Mr. Ray asks for disproof of his theory, but even if proof (or anything remotely close to proof for that matter) was presented before him, he would deny those as being "the evil Word from the evil institution."  Answer this Mr. Ray, if Word is supposedly evil, then how do I know your Word isn't evil too?  Also, this is a technique used in many religions.  For instance, Christianity's answer to any given logical paradox is "God works in mysterious ways" or "God is above all understanding."  This persuasive trick is called a logical circle or a logic trap.

And honestly, what makes TimeCube information so important that it determines if a person is evil or enlightened?  If it is indeed just a scientific theory as they claim, then it really shouldn't make anyone else any less of a person just because they possibly aren't aware of one fact yet!  Mr. Ray has used the persuasive trick of lowering his readers' confidence in their own knowledge in order to spread his teachings.

I will gladly debate every point he has made with him.  I sent him an email and I eagerly await his response to see how he defends his position (which will most likely be that I am evil and ignorant and I am incorrect because all knowledge, excluding TimeCube, is incorrect).

I just hope that everyone can learn to be better critical thinkers, and would realize the flaws in the teachings of Gene Ray.  I must say that it truly saddens me to see people fall
for these persuasive tricks.  What saddens me the most is that Mr. Ray has actually gotten as far as he has.

Here Here! (none / 0) (#7)
by MonkeeSage on Tue Aug 13th, 2002 at 01:22:04 AM PDT
(User Info)

EntropicOrder: You have brought up some very good points about Mr. Ray's tactics, and I agree with your assessment. I believe that Mr. Ray should be avoided by everyone, of all persuasions, everywhere. Given my religious background, the first words that came to my mind after reading Ray's stuff was "Cult leader"--and I haven't see anything to persuade me otherwise. Mr. Ray is a dangerous, mentally oppressive, and completely inconsistant, cultist; to put the matter bluntly. This is not the type of person you want "educating" you or anyone else about anything!!! My two cents worth... P.S. If Mr. Ray won't debate you or whatever reason, I will be more than happy to engage him or anyone who represents his "Cubian cult" in a formal, written debate (the moderator of this forum has access to my email from when I signed up, if someone wants to arrange a debate). -J S.D.G

[ Parent ]

The "Wisest Man who Ever Lived" was on v (none / 0) (#6)
by MonkeeSage on Tue Aug 13th, 2002 at 12:03:57 AM PDT
(User Info)

What do I mean? Well, to put it simply; I mean that whoever or whatever this (Dr.?) Gene Ray fellow is, he is not the "wisest man who ever lived."

What we get from Ray seems to be the same type of wisdom we find in the "wise" man who spoke these words: "The man who knows does not speak, the man who speaks does not know."

The "wisdom" of self-referential paradox--which is no wisdom at all, but is the epitome of absurdity. One doesn't need to go to any evil institutions to see the plain fact--that when it is the case that a position, if true, contradicts itself, then that position cannot possibly be true.

Even allowing that Dr. Ray is the "wisest man who ever lived," it takes but a child to see that the king has no clothes; and on that note, we turn to the issues.

.: Two Problems On "Timecube" Theory:.

There are two main considerations that will discredit Ray's claim to being the "Wisest Man who Ever Lived," beyond all doubt.

The first consideration is this; we find ray saying on his site

" There is no teacher on Earth qualified to teach Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous 4- Day Rotating Time Cube Creation Principle, and therefore, there is no teacher on Earth worthy of being called a certified teacher. "

This is in keeping with his constant claim that:

" You think self, you are evil. "

" Students are really stupid, without Cubic life wisdom, and yellow belly cowards. "

" YOU were educated EVIL, & too damn dumb to know about Time Cube Creation. " (idem.).

This poses the first problem for Mr. (Dr.?) Ray:

In the form of syllogism:

1. We are stupid, dumb and ignorant apart from this abstract "Cubic" wisdom--so much so that none can even grasp the concept of "Timecube" or teach it to another.

2. We must grasp this concept (as taught by Ray) so that we can cease being stupid, dumb and ignorant.

3. Therefore; since it is impossible for us to grasp it and yet we must grasp it; we either a.) must always remain stupid, dumb and ignorant, including Ray, or b.) we must use some other method than "Cubic" wisdom to learn and teach "Cubic" wisdom, in which case (1') is incorrect.

Either Ray is a liar when he claims to know or teach anything about Cubic wisdom (and 1' is true), or he is wrong about (1'). In either case, he is not the "wisest man who ever lived."

The second consideration is this; we find Ray saying on his site:

" Educators are "damn liars", and most evil of all animals. They do not deny the charge of being evil word bastards. "

" Word is evil empowerment, separating man from nature. "

" Word is not Real nor Truth, but deadly virus of humanity, transmitted through language. " (idem., emphasis in original).

This idea is echoed over and over and is seen to be the main drive of cubism. It also becomes its Achilles heel.

He says:

" Word is unnatural and must be taught to enslave dummies. Languages have deadly virus that will destroy the educated. " (Notice also the implicit claim that Ray, or at least someone qualified to teach "Cubic" wisdom, can "educate" you--against his own claims above).

" Word is counterfeit & fiction. People can live without word, and cubeless word is a poison that destroys all civilizations. " (idem.).

Here Mr. (Dr.?) Ray has hit upon the same error Wittgenstein did at the end of his Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus (6.54), where he says:

" My propositions are elucidated in this way: he who understands me finally recognizes them as senseless, when he has climbed out through them, on them, over them. (He must so to speak throw away the ladder, after he has climbed up on it.) "

In the form of syllogism:

1. Word that is void of "Cubic" wisdom is evil and destructive.

2. Mr. (Dr.?) Ray speaks non-"Cubic" word (exempli gratia: the interview above, where he speaks in regular English).

3. Therefore; since non-"Cubic" word is evil, and Ray uses non-"Cubic" word, either a.) Ray is evil and destructive and has no "Cubic" wisdom, or b.) Ray is wrong about his major premise (1'), yet again!

Either Ray is evil and destructive when he uses word (and 1' is true), or he is wrong about (1'). In either case, he is not the "wisest man who ever lived."

.: Conclusion :.

Given our two considerations above and the overall tenor of Mr. (Dr.?) Ray's claims, anyone with eyes and a brain (no "special" knowledge required!) should be able to see that he is little more than a tired old man with delusions of grandeur.

In any case, he is not the "wisest man who ever lived",

Quod Et Demonstrandum.



More silliness on the WMWEL... (none / 0) (#8)
by MonkeeSage on Tue Aug 13th, 2002 at 10:29:17 AM PDT
(User Info)

Having noted that Mr. Ray is not the WMWEL (Wisest Man Who Ever Lived), and demonstrated some basic tensions in his "apologetic" (if it will bare to be called that), we should still ask ourselves if he may possibly have a point about the whole 4-day reconing of time, to avoid the genetic fallacy.

As EntropicOrder has pointed out, Mr. Ray's theorum deals with the accounting of time--not with with temporality / metebolisis as an ontological entity. It is in just this respect a metaphysical theorum regarding the justification of our knowledge. It is therefore encumbant upon Mr. Ray to demonstrate why his measurment theorum is better than any other, and even necessary to true knowledge of the universe and ourselves--why it is normative and not descriptive.

It seems that Mr. Ray is either incapable of, or unwilling to make, such a demonstration. In place he offers insult and self-refuting smoke blowing tactics (see above post).

...In fact, given Mr. Ray's approach, anyone can posit a theorum that will completely negate Ray's Cubism: viz.,-- The Time Octacorner!

I am wiser than the WMWEL! or any scientist, for I have Octaled the circle and Octalized the Earth's sphere, thus I have created 8 simultaneous separate 12 hour days within a 8-cornered (as in a 8-cornered cube) rotation of Earth. See for yourself the absolute proof.

Everything created within the universe has a front, back and left, right in between, a top and bottom, and an inside and an outside.

Check your Octacorner like bedroom. It has 8 corners and 4 walls between top and bottom, and a ceiling and a floor as well as an inside and an outside. Time is not vertical, as it rotates 8 corners.

The human form has a front, back and left and right in between a top of the head and bottom of the feet, plus an outside and an inside - Octacorner like.

* 12 hours in midnight to midnight-noon.
* 12 hours in sunup to sunup-sundown...........
* 12 hours in midday to midday-midnight.....
* 12 hours in sundown to sundown-sunup.
* 12 hours in midnight1 to midnight1-noon1
* 12 hours in sunup1 to sunup1-sundown1
* 12 hours in midday1 to midday1-midnight2
* 12 hours in sundown1 to sundown1-sunup2
* 8 daysin only 1 Earth rotation...
* 8 simultaneous years of the seasons.
* No 4 days within 96 hours.
* 8 different directions in clockwise.
* 3 days lost to academic stupidity.

There are 8 simultaneous days (dumb fools claim 4 days) created within a single rotation of Earth. Teaching that Earth has only 1 day in 1 rotation, is adult poison forced on their children, as in the Jonestown mass murder. Octacornerless academia = armageddon and a barren Earth for children.

Ignoring Time Octacorner is Evil.

Until Mr. Ray can actually formulate some type of real argumentation for his position, it would seem that his requesting a debate and a public platform is rather silly, as anyone can posit a competing hypothesis, such as the Time Octacorner, and as it stands Mr. Ray is reduced to fideism.



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Time Cube: A Gene Ray Interview | 8 comments (8 topical, 0 editorial, 0 hidden)
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